Van Bellerose
"Known for its casual, versatile character that allows freedom and creativity, our collections are a broad and eclectic universe that has its own distinct style, lifting the everyday to new levels. Our designers feed off a ton of different ideas, gathered in everyday life: exhibitions, travels, nature, architecture, and street styles. Discover a rich, multifunctional and unique wardrobe, designed with love in Belgium."
The Perfect
Expertly made by artisan craftsman using organic cotton.
The PERFECT blouse offers a luxurious feel and fit. The intricate seams are meticulously constructed for a polish finish. The masculine collar with feminine neck line gives blouse a unique touch and sophisticated look. Our signature detail at cuff (neon green buttonhole) signify the modern branding (if you know you know) without a loud noise of the logo culture that seems to be the thing of the past.

Life isn’t PERFECT but your outfit can be!
Ruby Tuesday
The Story

Don't question why she needs to be so free. She'll tell you it's the only way to be. Ruby Tuesday, named after the Rolling Stones iconic 1967 track is a never ending story of inspiration. We believe that every garment should stay true to its function, with belief that clothes should not overshadow the personality of the person wearing them. These iconic pieces are free from embellishment and easy to combine with any wardrobe.

While trends come and go, there is something everlasting and no-nonsense about the pieces we make.
Ball Original
2020 BALL relaunches – BALL® IS BACK

After a 20-year break, BALL® is back. Months of research and the examination of hundreds of old class photos, photo albums from the years between 1976 and 1996, and old styles, makes is possible to recreate BALL®’s unique identity. With help from designers, stylists and experts, the BALL® team has been able to recreate and modernise the unique fit and the characteristic cut and created a collection of BALL® jeans with more attitude than ever before. BALL® jeans’ relaunch is a collection containing high quality jeans aimed at those who truly care about jeans and won’t leave anything to chance.

The old BALL® sweatshirts have also been given a new change through updating and redesign. The strong 1980s design has once again been given new life. A collection full of attitude and character brings Europe’s first sweatshirt with print back to life again in a new and evolved version.
Second Female
Second Female was founded in Copenhagen in year 2000. The style is Scandinavian with a chic and modern French touch. This is reflected in the four yearly collections through feminine silhouettes, hand-drawn prints, chunky knits and elegant suits.

Our design philosophy and aim is to create a relevant wardrobe that embodies all the comfort and confidence a woman needs to express her personal look.

Underlining the Scandinavian values of effortless luxury and functionality, we create collections that are classic in a contemporary context, always focusing on this season´s “must have” items.
BELLEPIECE is ook twee meisjes van vandaag, Parijzenaars, twee modeprofessionals met scherpe ogen die hun complementaire talenten combineren en die voor anonimiteit hebben gekozen: "Je hoeft niet te spraakzaam te zijn, ons merk spreekt voor ons". Meer zullen we niet weten...

Kunstenaar en pragmatisch duo, de een aan de tekentafel, de ander bij de organisatie, ze bespreken van alles, maar zijn het eens over de essentie: een visie. Die van een vrouw van vandaag, noch heel verfijnd, noch heel casual: “Ze is veranderlijk en veelvoudig, ultravrouwelijk en androgyn, hyperactief en lui, minimalistisch of bohemien, rock of romantisch. Maar bovenal weet ze wat bij haar past en laat ze zich niet opsluiten in een keurslijf van stijl”, zeggen ze met één stem.

Het is hun manier om vrouwen te bevrijden: ze jurken aanbieden als een manifest dat zowel vrouwelijk als feministisch is, een kledingstuk dat hen sublimeert en tegelijkertijd bevrijdt.
STUDIO Lavendel
Handmade with love

In 2020 zijn wij Irma en Bente (moeder en dochter) het knitwear label STUDIO Lavendel gestart. Eigenlijk begon het als een hobby van Irma, maar de vraag naar de prachtige handgemaakte vesten bleef toenemen. Dus besloten we om een Instagram pagina te maken. Inmiddels leveren we aan een aantal prachtige verkooppunten verdeeld over heel Nederland en daar zijn we erg trots op.

We hebben allebei een voorliefde voor tijdloze en kwalitatieve mode en dat willen we graag door vertalen in onze collecties. Alle items zijn een combinatie van mohair en wol, super zacht en warm tegelijk.
Club L'avenir
L’ avenir is a Dutch Label who create her styles with the philosophy that every item gives lifelong pleasure.

Each season isn’t about creating something entirely new but rather continuing the story we’ve been telling in the seasons before. We aspire to refine daily life by creating easy going and laid-back pieces that gives you an understated elegance.

In this modern world of fast fashion, we want to slow things down. We've left out unnecessary details for a calm look that won't tire you out, long-lasting styles you can rely on day after day.

We design our pieces for the future. “L’avenir”

Xx From L’ avenir with love
Imagined by Yves Chareton in the United States in 1979, the Hartford project revisits American wardrobe classics, bringing them a twist of modernity.
A decisive meeting was to launch the adventure, when a New York manufacturer sold him old stocks of Oxford and chambray fabric that were impossible to find on the market and which were ideal to make the first vintage-inspired Hartford shirts.

The studio returned to Paris a few years later. The brand structured itself and began its commercial development: the collections grew in size and became synonymous with faultless materials and style. By mixing European influences with a very west coast casual style, the brand quickly gained cult status on both sides of the Atlantic. It’s not surprising that Bruce Springsteen and Eric Clapton soon became unconditional fans…

Since then, the brand has kept pace with the times while preserving its cherished family values.


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